Pulled together by the interstellar forces of a galaxy not as far away from ours as all of the other ones, The Omedas were born. In a spinning space cloud of desert sands and cosmic dust their extraordinary synthesis of rhythm and wonder was conjured up. Together, each of the Omedas grace the ensemble with a unique, high energy frequency inspired by their adventures through the stars and under them.

The eclectic fusion of The Omedas blends the sounds of western, swing, gypsy, and latin into neo-folk tunes laced with subtle traces from deep space. World rhythms drive the energetic original music, with east meets west fiddle wizardry and soulful storytelling leading the way. Their captivating live performance brings the audience along for a wild journey around the planet and beyond.

Midnight Eyes, the band's first EP was released independently under the name Andre and the Omedas in 2018. The album is the culmination of years of domestic and interdimensional travel, carefully curating a collection of influences that come together in the sound unique to The Omedas.

After exploring the mind-boggling vastness of space and the open range, a mysterious positioning signal led the project to touch down and establish a base in Switzerland. Here they regularly engage in their favorite activity of producing sound waves that make the humans wiggle. Recently signed to the Zurich based record label, Rad Fyah, The Omedas; Andrea Burggraf (US): vocals, guitar; Max Q. Santander (CL): violin, vocals, live electronics; Juan Siñeriz (AR): bass; and Christian Szabo (DE): drums; are currently working on the production of a second, full length album to be released fall 2019 on Rad Fyah Records.



Andrea Burggraf (Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.) : Vocals, Guitar, Composition


Max Q. Santander (Santiago, Chile) : Violin, Vocals, Live Electronics


Juan “Pampa Man” Siñeriz (Santa Rosa de la Pampa, Argentina) : Bass


Christian Szabo (Germany) : Drums